Darci works specifically with Yoga teachers, guiding them towards running their own sustainable Yoga businesses.

Whether it’s learning the art of physical or verbal adjustments, or how to get out of the way of yourself to set yourself up for a consistent personal home practice or getting into the nitty gritty of how to get your business up and off the ground, she can meet you exactly where you’re at.

These one to one sessions are for those who are committed to making a change. These sessions are designed to help you see where you’re really at. They are all about getting real with where you’re at, cutting through the bullshit and learning how to be raw, vulnerable and gutsy all with a solid foundation of authenticity. All key ingredients to be a kick arse teacher/mentor.

Darci is strong, sensitive and loving and this is the work which inspires her and comes most naturally.

She will hold you accountable whilst teaching you how to nurture yourself; so you can nurture others effectively whilst cultivating energy.

If you’re a teacher, you will benefit highly from this. Your commitment is required as Darci will give you her all.

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